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Ark Aurora can work with you to prepare your business proposition.

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One of the biggest constraints on all businesses and future entrepreneurs is cash! If you had access to unlimited funding, then no doubt, you would be the owner of a very successful business.

Unfortunately, funding is not easy to come by, and whether you are a start up business looking for set up costs and working capital; an existing business with slow paying debtors; a property developer with no funds to develop; if you are looking to build your business by expanding your product range; entering into a heavy sales and marketing campaign; looking to acquire or improve land, buildings, manufacturing facilities, plant or machinery; building your business through acquisitions and take overs; if you are a manager, working for a company where the owners are looking to exit - the list is endless and the key factor behind your success comes down to funding.

Ark Aurora can work with you to prepare your business proposition - in the form of a business plan and cash flow projections.

Ark Aurora would then canvass its extensive database of venture capitalists, business angels, factoring companies, banks and financial institutions to secure the funds needed by you to bring success to your business.

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